"Breathe Essential Chi, learn to control your breath and you shall live as long as the earth itself"

300-500 B.C. The Medicine Man of China Yellow Emperor


The Chi Initiative is a Corporate Wellness Program designed by World Renowned Chi (Energy) Masters who are part of our team. We have combined the Ancient Chinese Arts of Tai Chi and Qigong into a breakthrough Program. The Program is designed to help employees learn how to breathe as they balance their minds and benefiting from the results.

While Tai Chi helps the Balance of Energy, Qigong helps correct the intake of oxygen and the flow of the blood.  The combination of coordinated steps and breathing open all your meridians and trigger your acupuncture points without the use of needles. This approach has been scientifically proven to benefit every organ in your body. The best of both Arts is combined to provide Optimal Health Results.



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